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Our People - Charlotte Hunt, Senior Brand Manager

Here at Weetabix we put people at the centre of our business – understanding that in order to make brilliant food, we need brilliant people. That’s why when it comes to maternity and paternity leave, we always look to be flexible to adapt to the needs of our employees. Not only do we ensure they get the time they need for maternity, but thanks to our ‘Keeping in Touch’ days we also ensure they can reintegrate into the business easily upon return.

Weetabix has recently bolstered its marketing team with the return from maternity leave of both Weetabix Senior Brand Manager, Charlotte Hunt and Head of Innovation, Claire Canty. We caught up with Charlotte to chat about her return to the business and what she’s looking forward to working on.

What’s your role at Weetabix?

As Senior Brand Manager for Weetabix my role is to drive the growth agenda for Weetabix Original. Weetabix is the UK’s most popular breakfast cereal and I have returned to some exciting plans in 2019 and pick up the baton of planning for 2020 and beyond. My campaign focus this year is the continuation of our successful ‘Any-Which-Way-A-Bix’ campaign that celebrates the different ways people personalise their morning breakfast cereal.

What other roles have you had at Weetabix?

I started at Weetabix nearly four years ago as an Innovation Project Manager. I then moved across to the Brand team before being promoted to Senior Brand Manager for our Flavours and Minis ranges. I’ve moved across to work on Yellow Box as part of my return from maternity leave.

How have you found returning to work following your maternity leave?

It’s great to be back! It’s felt really natural to return to a job that I love and I’m very happy that I’ve been able to get stuck in from day one supporting the upcoming Weetabix plans.

Have you found it exciting returning to work on Yellow Box?

Working on Yellow Box is a dream come true. I’m so pleased that Weetabix is supporting me with my development journey from the outset of my return to work and what better place to do that from within the Weetabix brand team!

Were there processes in place to help get back up to speed?

My Keeping in Touch (KIT) days were a great way to keep up to speed with things whilst I was off. I chose to focus my days around the ICP planning milestones. This meant that I already had a good understanding of the plans and key projects upon my return and definitely helped me to hit the ground running.

I decided to come back full time and didn’t want to reduce my hours, of which everyone was incredibly supportive. But I did take advantage of using some holiday to ease myself back into working by doing a 4-day week for the first month. This definitely helped to manage my energy after a full year off work. 

What are you looking forward to the most now you’re back at work?

Working with great people on a great brand, challenging my brain and developing my career at Weetabix further. Also finishing a hot drink in peace is an added bonus – I didn’t have many of those whilst I was off!

What training have you had on return to work or do you have any training sessions in pipeline?

The brand team has just completed a new Marketing 4 Growth training programme. This has been perfect timing for me as it has reminded me of process and practices I was using before I left and also brought me up to speed with any new ways of working which have evolved since I’ve returned.  

What is the best thing about working at Weetabix?

The brand of course!