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Our People – Emily Mathers, Account Executive in the Commercial team

Emily Mathers, Account Executive in the Commercial team here at Weetabix talks to us about joining the team as a graduate, her experience of working in a customer-facing role, and how she’s had the opportunity to work cross-functionally across teams.


What’s your role?

I am a National Account Executive in the Commercial team. Within my current role, I work closely with the National Account Manager to develop our business within one of the UK’s largest retailers through the negotiation, management, and execution of a mutually agreed joint business plan. With this, I am responsible for the delivery of internal budgeted financials, managing product forecasts and executing our brand and customer brand commercial plans.


How long have you been at Weetabix?

I’ve been at Weetabix for a little over a year now. I was applying for graduate roles when a family friend, who worked for Weetabix at the time, encouraged me to apply as she thought I’d be a good fit.

I’ve always been drawn to working for big brands that people recognise and I don’t know anybody who doesn’t know Weetabix, and I’m always met with a nice reaction when I tell people where I work.


What’s it like to work at Weetabix?

Weetabix is such a great place to work!

From my very first interview I felt very welcome, which was important for me as someone fresh out of university and with no other experience. The best thing about working for Weetabix is most definitely the people, we’re a very people-focused business. It’s daunting going into a brand-new career with little industry knowledge, but I’ve been provided with so much support and training since being here.

There is certainly still that ‘family feel’ within Weetabix, and there’s always someone there to answer a question or to give a helping hand.


What do you most enjoy about working at Weetabix?

There’s a lot of momentum at Weetabix and it’s very exciting to be part of that. With that momentum comes a lot of opportunities for development, to try new roles, get involved in projects and work cross-functionally.

Since starting almost a year ago, I’ve worked across two different channels and dealt with very different types of customers. Weetabix is a company that gives you time and opportunity to scope out your development goals and the platform for you to succeed in them.

I also really enjoy the customer-facing aspect of my job. Being able to build relationships with customers that translates into tangible results for both is something that greatly motivates me. Plus, working with a customer who is based in Leeds, where I went to university, gives me the opportunity to spend more time there (pre-lockdown, of course), which is a huge bonus for me.l


What opportunities have you had whilst at Weetabix?

Weetabix is a business with very approachable people, right the way up the ladder. Getting exposure to the senior management and board members has been great for my confidence. 

I’ve had the opportunity to take our MD on a store walk to share the outcome of a range review, and to present some really exciting activity to senior management. It’s great to have directors that are genuinely interested in what you’re doing and the difference you’re making, no matter what role you’re in.


What do you love doing outside of work?

I love to travel. I’ve been very fortunate to spend time in some amazing places around the world and I’m always looking for somewhere new to experience. I’ve got a great group of like-minded friends so we’re always planning a trip somewhere!