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In our latest career story, we speak to Evie Elliott, our first female engineering Apprentice here at Weetabix about why she chose a career in engineering and what an average day at Weetabix looks like. Hint, everyday offers something a little different!


What’s your role and can you tell us a little bit about what an average day at Weetabix looks like for you?

Working as an engineering apprentice and describing your average day is tricky! I asked this question in my interview and soon learned from the response that every day is different. Currently I am based in both the Alpen and Weetabix Minis factory. Day to day when I am in the factory, I am expected to attend, shadow and sometimes perform planned jobs with the engineers on shift, I also need to ensure I am always available to attend and learn from quick fixes that are sprung on us. Being an engineer is a particularly important role, as we help keep the factory running smoothly, and I am very proud of the job role I fulfil.

Why did you choose to join the Weetabix Engineering Apprenticeship Scheme?

From when I very first started looking at engineering apprenticeships, I was steered in the direction of Weetabix. You don’t realise how many people work for this company until you mention it to one person, then you learn that half their family has worked here! Finding out that the working environment is totally family like was a factor that drew me towards Weetabix, and I was told by many that it’s the best engineering apprenticeship scheme in my area.

Everyone that I work with is extremely friendly and I was surprised to feel so welcome in such a huge place that I had never been to before. The engineers on shift are constantly challenging me, to see what I know and what I need to learn so they can work through things with me on the job. Aside to this, there are so many perks available to every employee, but my personal favourite is that we’re able to buy Weetabix products in the shop. My family are very happy with the cereal cupboard being full!

What has been the highlight of your experience at Weetabix so far?

It’s so difficult to pinpoint something, but an overall highlight of working for Weetabix for me has been receiving incredible respect and support from literally every single person I have met in the workforce. It’s honestly amazing, and I can’t wait to experience more highlights like it or better!

Why did you choose a career in Engineering?

A few years ago, I watched a documentary on how they manufacture and engineer cars, and I found it so interesting that since then I’ve been set on perusing a career in engineering. I knew that university wasn’t right for me, so I started looking at engineering apprenticeships.

What would your main piece of advice be for anyone looking to start an Engineering apprenticeship?

Apply for as many apprenticeships as you can. Although the interviewing processes will be grueling, it’s totally worth it in the end. Also, make sure you show your fullest potential in the workplace, the engineers on shift prefer to work with apprentices who show interest and promise!

Our People – Evie Elliott, Engineering Apprentice