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Our People - Lynn Furnival, Scientific Services Manager

Here at Weetabix we understand that to make brilliant food, we need brilliant people. Ultimately, a company is only as good as the people within it, and we work hard to ensure Weetabix is a great place to work. Read below for the latest in our employee stories blog – where we speak to our people about what’s it like to work here and to make The Weetabix Difference… 

Lynn Furnival, Scientific Services Manager, Weetabix

What’s your role at Weetabix?

As Scientific Services Manager, I oversee the risk-based chemistry, microbiology and raw material intake testing for the business. I also manage our ‘Sensory’ section, where we run taste panels to support the launch of our exciting new products – all to ensure the right quality and protect our products from risk.

How long have you been at Weetabix?

I’ve been here 40 years! I first joined because I wanted more laboratory testing than my previous role offered, and thought I’d stay about 18 months – I haven’t looked back since!

What’s it like to work at Weetabix?

‘Great people’ is a phrase commonly heard around the business and it really is true – I’ve met many great friends here and there is a very friendly and supportive work culture here – it’s why I’ve stayed so long. There are also great development opportunities available, either within your team or within the wider business. Talent and succession is high on the business agenda people are encouraged to work at their best level. 

What do you most enjoy about working at Weetabix?

No two days are the same in my area of work which is always a good thing. I get to oversee leading scientific testing programs, while at the same time looking at what’s new on the horizon – including new products, new novel raw materials, new ways of analysing things, new regulatory requirements, new equipment and new ways of thinking. We’re always looking to the future and working together to drive improvement across the business. Always learning and keeping abreast of new areas within the technical and scientific world is a really motivating aspect of the role.

What opportunities have you had whilst at Weetabix?

I was given the chance to study part time for many years whilst at Weetabix, including becoming a Chartered Chemist and Chartered Scientist. As a result, I’ve progressed many times within the technical area, and my role has given me many development opportunities outside of the direct business too – I chaired the Food & Drink Science panel at one of the research associations we have been members of for 7 years, which was an enriching experience.

I’ve also been able to contribute and shape new regulatory requirements as part of our trade association activity, including working closely with our competitors to enable us to be stronger as one industry voice when required. This has massively broadened my knowledge of the wider industry and how regulations have been set in the EU.

Anything you’d like to share with us about your role?

Progressing in various management roles and in an environment where people are really valued has allowed me to develop my people management skills and helped me to understand behaviours. At Weetabix we believe the line manager makes the difference - I agree, I find it both challenging and rewarding managing a team, and especially fulfilling when I see people grow having played a part in their development.

Working on projects across the business is also really interesting, not only does it allow to work with many people outside of my department, all with the same aim and passion, it helps us to see the difference we’re making – The Weetabix Difference as we say.

What do you love doing outside of work?

Walking, running, ‘body balance’ classes, writing, poetry and any competitions I can enter!  My best prize to date was a trip to New Zealand with Manuka honey a few years ago so I would say it’s definitely worth entering those brand competitions when you see them!