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Our People - Monica Ruja, Manufacturing Shift Manager

Monica speaks to us about how she joined Weetabix thirteen years ago after getting an application form from one of the security guards, to how she has been able to progress in the company ever since. Speaking about the family feel and positive people spirit, Monica embodies the ‘One Team’ value here at Weetabix.

What’s your role?

My role is a Manufacturing Shift Manager. I manage a team of 20 people in one of our Weetabix biscuit plants.  I’m responsible for ensuring the safety of my team is paramount, and that product quality is of the highest standard.

In order to measure our performance, I use a set of Key Performance Indicators which allow me to identify issues and drive problem-solving activities to ensure we continually improve. An additional part of my role is to provide cover for the Manufacturing Manager when they are unavailable.

How long have you been at Weetabix?

It was 13 years ago that I heard about the opportunities at Weetabix. I really wanted to work for the company, so I drove to the site and asked the security guards for an application form!

I applied for the role, had an interview, and was delighted to be offered a full-time job as a Production Operator - I’ve never looked back!  

After six months in this role, I applied for and was offered my current role of Shift Manager. Since then, I have worked in most of the Weetabix plants at Burton Latimer gaining knowledge and friends in each one. I now have a huge network of people that I work with to Make a Difference, and I feel like we’re ‘One Team’ – both key values for us here at Weetabix.

What’s it like to work at Weetabix?

I’ve loved Weetabix since my first day here. I love that the company recognises potential and invests in me, this gives me a sense of belonging, and drives my passion for the role.

Weetabix is no longer a family owned business, but it still very much feels like one, and I feel trusted and part of the wider business team.

What do you most enjoy about working at Weetabix?

I love the people at Weetabix. We work together as a brilliant team and I enjoy being able to continuously improve our processes. Being able to Make a Difference motivates me to get up in the morning and come to work. I am incredibly proud to wear the Weetabix badge and to be associated with such a brilliant company.

What opportunities have you had whilst at Weetabix?

Since my first opportunity to develop as a Shift Manager, I have continued to push myself, with support from the business to develop. I am now a facilitator for our Lean Manufacturing training module and the Master Trainer at Weetabix, which enables me to train other facilitators across the company.

I have completed a CMI course in Leadership and Management and have applied this to my role to improve my skills and leadership style.

Anything you’d like to share with us about your role?

I am well known for my style of speaking, very quickly! This has been a challenge for me, and following my training as a facilitator, I was given valuable feedback on how and when I should try and slow down, to help others interact with me better. Although this was difficult for me, my colleagues believed in and encouraged me, and their continued support has helped develop me in to the person I am today.

What do you love doing outside of work?

Outside of work, I like spending time with my family and my dog. I fell in love with Scotland in 2002, after coming to the UK from Romania, and really enjoy visiting the East coast of Scotland. I have been there around ten times over the last few years as I love the scenery, the people, and the food!