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For me Weetabix, provided an opportunity to work on one of the nation’s most iconic brands and the no.1 breakfast cereal in Britain – a marketer’s dream! And having grown up on Weetabix since I was very little, it was a cereal that I’d always loved. It’s one of those companies that when you tell people where you work, everyone has a story to tell about Weetabix and a lovely thing to say – it’s definitely at the heart of Britain’s breakfast table, and loved by so many.

After joining the marketing team in 2013, 18 months in I became Senior Brand Manager on Weetabix Original – a fantastic opportunity where at just 26 I was responsible for the no.1 breakfast cereal in Britain worth £140m. After a successful 18 months in role, leading one of the biggest brand repositioning projects the brand has seen and creating the successful Weetabuddies campaign, I then made a cross functional move into the sales team in November 2015. Most recently I've been promoted to Head of Innovation back within Marketing.

My roles will support me in my long term marketing career ambitions by enabling me to gain crucial commercial and innovation experience to become a more well-rounded marketer, and importantly they've had steep learning curves, stretching me out of my comfort zone every day into areas in which I've had less prior experience.

Weetabix were incredibly supportive of my cross functional move and my desire to challenge myself and broaden my skill set, and I know this development role will be invaluable in my future career.

The campaigns we create, the products we innovate are on our computer screens one day and in the nations cupboards & breakfast tables the next. It’s fantastic see marketing initiatives you’ve led be talked and shared about by hundreds of thousands of people! But it’s not just the amazing brands & projects we get to work on, but the fantastic people we are fortunate enough to work with. Our business is full of talented & ambitious individuals, from backgrounds such as Unilver, Pepsico, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Mars and many other global businesses, and importantly everyone strives to raise the bar every day and knows how to have fun, creating a brilliant team spirit.

I believe it’s crucial to have a strong drive for results and also an ability to work collaboratively with anyone & everyone. We’re an ambitious business with stretching targets, operating in a challenging category, and it is important to have a relentless determination to make things happen & be passionate about what you do. And crucially, you need to be able to bring people with you in your ambition & work collaboratively with so many individuals within your function & beyond. We’re a very lean business, with a family feel, where everyone has a huge amount of autonomy & responsibility, and so working effectively with everyone around you will enable you to go along way.

Don’t rely on email, and don’t let it take over your day! Getting up from your desk to go and speak to someone or picking up the phone will always be much more effective than an email and can often save your time in the long run. And don’t live in your email inbox – you can easily fill your day responding to everyone else’s ad hoc requests. But instead you need to remember that you own your day and focus & prioritise the big things that will make a difference to the business & your development.