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Responsible production

Discover how we're committed to responsible production at every step along the journey from field to breakfast table.

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Welcome to Weetabix Country

All of our Weetabix Biscuit wheat is harvested less than 50 miles from our Burton Latimer mill.

We’ve spent the last 80 years forging close relationships with local farmers to guarantee our consumers the very highest quality wheat, produced to the most responsible standards.
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The Weetabix Growers Group

They’re just as proud to grow our wheat, as we are to put our name to it.

Formed of around 160 farmers hand-selected for their dedication to best practice and responsible production, our Growers Group ensures that only the highest quality British wheat makes it into each and every bowl of Weetabix.

Read more about our wheat protocol

It’s an honour to be supplying our British wheat to Weetabix and to be recognised for producing some of the best quality wheat in the country.

Ben Atkinson, Growers Group Farmer

Responsible at every step along the way

Looking after the countryside

We work with our farmers to help protect hedgerows at the start of the growing process.

Lower carbon footprint

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint with every passing year.

Reducing water usage

We have committed to reducing water usage by 20% in 2020 vs. our 2007 usage by repairing leaks and improved individual and process efficiency

Minimising waste

In 2008 we made a pledge to reduce landfill by 50% by 2015. We went on to reach that target three years early in 2012. Our next commitment? Taking that landfill percentage to zero – and keeping it there.

Minimising packaging

Less packaging to reduce waste and emissions. Almost no air in the box. A massive 431 tonne packaging weight reduction per year from 2011. We're always looking for better ways to deliver your daily bowl of Weetabix.

Our promise to you: we'll always strive to bring you the best by doing things the right way.