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Weetabix Corp Wheat Field

Proud to nourish the nation

Take a walk down memory lane with all the landmark moments from our long and illustrious history.

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August 1932 saw our founders, Bennison Osbourne and Malcolm MacFarlane, form the British and African Cereal Co Ltd. Their first act? Acquiring a disused flour mill in Burton Latimer to start production of a revolutionary new cereal – Weetabix.
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A few years later, in 1936, the company changed its name to Weetabix Limited. Frank George joined the board as a director – sparking an association with the George family that would go on to span 70 years.
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During World War II, Weetabix was 'zoned' to reduce waste and maximise efficiency. Only available in the Midlands and North East until rationing ended – post-war Weetabix was sold nationwide on wholegrain goodness and flexibility for the whole family.
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Weetabix's versatility was a big hit. The 1950s saw it being used as an ingredient, as much as a cereal. Mrs Crisp brought the nation a series of culinary tips and recipes to try out in the kitchen and a range of Weetabix Perfect Flour was released.
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As Weetabix's reputation grew around the globe, 1967 and 1968 heralded its arrival in Canada and the United States. This decade also saw a number of memorable on pack promotions and giveaways – from space race wall charts to Swim Jet arm fins!
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In 1971, a Weetabix board member sampled a bowl of traditional Swiss muesli on his family ski trip. Inspired by the lightly toasted wholegrain flakes, creamy rolled oats and crunchy hazelnuts, almonds and raisins – on his return – Alpen was born.
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Weetabix and Alpen went pole-to-pole fuelling Sir Ranulph Fiennes' Transglobe Expedition in 1981. Meanwhile, the Neet Weet Gang waged war on titchy breakfasts, telling us: “if you know what’s good for you, you’ll make it Neet Weet mate, OK!”
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This is the year we acquired the super smooth and creamy Ready brek porridge brand from Lyons Tetley. It continues to bring kids all the great taste of grown up porridge, without the lumps, more than 20 years later!
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Weetabix Mini's was launched in 1997 – our small but mighty addition to the growing Weetabix family.
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Our ever-expanding choice of flavours and favourites got a big boost, with a host of new additions:

  • Alpen Bars launched in 2002
  • Oatibix launched in 2006
  • Alpen light bars launch in 2006
  • Weetabix Chocolate launched in 2010
  • Weetabix Banana launched in 2014
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A Proper Breakfast, Bottled. Our Weetabix On The Go breakfast drinks launched in 2013 to bring busy people all the energy, fibre and protein of a typical Weetabix cereal with milk*. Just put the convenient bottle it in your bag and away you go!

Since then we have extended the range to include Weetabix On The Go Protein drinks

*Calculated in February 2015

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Protein Crunch – Weetabix with added boost. Packed with protein for healthy muscles and strong bones.

Alpen Granola - an exciting new range of Oat Granola breakfast cereals, taking the original muesli brand into a new category for the first time.

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Launch of Weetabix Protein Biscuit. Our classic Weetabix biscuits with that extra boost of added protein.