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GroceryAid Achievement Awards 2015 Gold Winner

The Achievement Awards programme has now come to the end of its eighth year and GroceryAid is delighted to announce that Weetabix Ltd has been recognised with the prestigious accolade of a Gold Achievement Award. This award recognises the continuing commitment and strong support that Weetabix gives to GroceryAid in many areas.

Weetabix has contributed strongly to the work of our central committees, in particular the President’s Fundraising Committee where Kevin Fawell is a member and on the Southern Network committee with Jill Hankey.

Weetabix sponsor many of our national events, including the Sporting Heroes Luncheon, the Waterside Dinner, the Leadership Weekend and the Diamond Ball. In addition, they donate prizes and product. The support they provide extends to the work of our regional branches, in particular the Midlands branch where James Maher is a member.

Weetabix help to raise awareness of the work of the charity by undertaking challenge events and via the company’s internal communications channels. Weetabix also support the voucher hamper that is sent out to each beneficiary every Christmas.

Grocery Aid Logo - Proud supporter of 2015 Groceryaid achievement awards

The Achievement Awards are designed to bring recognition and thanks to all companies that support the charity. This year’s awards have really shown how support can come in many different forms. Many more companies are helping by joining one of the GroceryAid committees, taking part in fundraising events, supporting local branches or making a charitable donation. All of this support is taken into account when the Judges decide on Achievement Award winners.

During 2015 GroceryAid has seen businesses across the industry pull together to drive their fundraising activities and offer support in every possible capacity. Gillian Barker, GroceryAid Director General comments; “GroceryAid provides support to those in need who have been involved in any part of the grocery industry in the UK, be that the largest factory, the supply chain or the smallest of stores. I’d like to thank everyone at Weetabix for your help in making this happen, in particular through your support of our national and regional events. Your efforts enabled us to spend £4M on welfare support and to help thousands of grocery people in need. I am extremely grateful that you continue to support your industry charity, GroceryAid.”

Now in their ninth year, the GroceryAid Achievement Awards are our way of giving public recognition to companies, large or small, who actively support the charity in both ordinary and extraordinary ways. To find out more about GroceryAid, the GroceryAid Achievement Awards and how you can help just visit, email or call us on 01252 875925

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