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Weetabix Unveils New Campaign Platform

£10m ATL campaign to break on 8th June

‘Weetabix. Incredible Inside’ is a major step change for the brand

UK breakfast brand Weetabix today unveiled a new communications platform, which, for the first time, encompasses the Weetabix portfolio of cereals. The new campaign, which breaks on June 8th, will remind consumers of the incredible feats that our bodies perform every day and show how Weetabix cereals are specially designed to deliver the nutrition that we need to be at our best. Having previously focused on families, the new campaign aims to widen the brand’s appeal.

A major step change for the brand, the ‘Weetabix. Incredible Inside’ brand platform has been developed in response to consumer research which demonstrates the confusion around nutritional claims within the breakfast cereal sector. Given the negative perceptions of the category around nutrition, many consumers are not clear of the benefits of breakfast cereals and the specific nutrients they provide.

The £10m ATL campaign breaks with a new TV creative that tells the story of the extra-ordinary processes that occur in our bodies every day without us even realising.

Weetabix Original

The £10m ATL campaign breaks with a new TV creative that tells the story of the extra-ordinary processes that occur in our bodies every day without us even realising.

Featuring ordinary people doing everyday activities such as lifting the shopping, dancing and playing the drums, the advert surprises consumers with little known facts about their bodies. Did you know, for example, that human bones are, ounce for ounce, stronger than steel and the human heart beats 2.5 billion times in a lifetime?

The strapline, ‘Weetabix. Incredible Inside’, not only celebrates our amazing bodies, but also shows how every cereal in the portfolio has been specially designed to deliver the exact nutrition needed to keep our bodies working as they should. For example, not only are Weetabix biscuits a great source of protein, helping keep bones strong and healthy, but they also contains Vitamin B1 which helps keep your heart beating as it should.

Commenting on the campaign, Sally Abbott, Group Marketing Director, explains: “Nutritional claims are becoming background noise to many consumers. With news stories appearing everyday on what we should and shouldn’t eat, most consumers are left feeling confused , and many are questioning how relevant these claims are and what they actually mean for them and their family.

“With over 80 years of experience in providing nutritionally balanced and great tasting breakfasts, every cereal in the Weetabix family has been specially created to provide the optimum level of nutrition our bodies need. ‘Incredible Inside’ helps put this into context for consumers in a compelling and inspiring way, connecting with them emotionally, and helping them understand the nutritional benefits of the Weetabix family of cereals in relation to the normal, every day things their bodies help them do. We want to remind consumers that their bodies are incredible, and what they put into them should be too.”

Running on TV from June until October, with only a short break in July, the campaign will be supported by an online engagement strand of activity that stretches across the rest of 2015.

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